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The Journey So Far...

As a talented poet since the age of 9, Namxn has developed into a skilled lyricist with some of the “hardest-hitting bars”, as quoted by his supporters. He released his much anticipated first single ‘Pied Piper’, in June 2021 after taking the time to learn the craft of recording, mixing, and mastering. Harnessing the power of TikTok virality, Namxn started making covers of popular hits, putting his own ideas and lyrics over worldwide hit instrumentals; he was commended by his followers on his recreation of said hits. The singles which followed only helped grow his audience further, leading to his first collaboration project ‘Baller’. This has been a major highlight of Namxn’s journey as an artist so far as it became a popular hit across several UK and international radio stations, even getting the ‘Track of the Week’, on the BBC Asian Network. Having been played in parties, corporate events, and restaurants, this project helped Namxn take-off as not only an artist, but as a brand.

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